unofficial abma/aba faq
Annotated :: Single Page/Plain :: Text :: Notes

1. Preface
2. Introduction
3. Newsgroups
4. Encoding
     a. uu
     b. mime
     c. yEnc
5. Archives
     a. .rar/.r##/.part##.rar
     b. RAR recovery
     c. .ace/.c##
     d. .###
     e. .zip
6. Support Files
     a. .sfv
     b. .par/.p##
     c. .rev
     d. .idx/.sub/.ifo
     e. .smi/.ssa/.srt
     f. .nfo/.txt/.md5
7. Newsreaders
8. Posting
     a. Bad Requests
9. Auto-Posters
10. Hentai
11. Formats/codecs
     a. avi/ogm
     b. mpeg4
     c. mpg
     d. rm
     e. audio
     f. linux
12. News servers
13. Software
14. Appendices
     a. About the FAQ
     b. Mirroring the FAQ

The new home of the FAQ is http://animeusenet.org/wiki/.

This site exists only for historical/archival purposes.

14a. About the Annotated FAQ

The annotated version of the ABMA/ABA faq was inspired by the PHP Manual.

Contributing notes

Use the form that appears at the bottom of each page to contribute tips, hints, clarification, or any other additional information pertaining to the topic of that page. By default, HTML tags are not allowed, with exceptions noted below the form.

  • The <br> tag creates a line break. Use it to start a new line.
  • The <p> tag creates a line space (ie, a double line break; a blank line in place of the <p> tag). Use it to start a new paragraph.
  • The <li> tag creates a indented, bulleted list item. Use it to highlight lists.
  • Use <b> and </b> around text you want to appear in boldface
  • Use <i> and </i> around text you want to appear in italics
  • Use <u> and </u> around text you want to appear underlined
  • Use <pre> and </pre> around text you want to appear as you enter it (monospace, retains native line breaks)
  • Use <code> and </code> around text you want to appear highlighted in monospace (such as commands to type, program output, etc)
  • URLs will be automatically linked if you enter them in the following formats (ie don't bother trying to format links yourself):
    • <http://www.example.com> for web addresses
    • <ftp://ftp.example.com> for ftp addresses
    The http:// and ftp:// parts are required, as are the opening < and closing > characters.

In addition to the annotated version, a "plain" version (the entire faq as a single HTML document), and a "text" version (the entire faq as a single TEXT document) are available from the main menu.

Periodically, the user-contributed annotations will be reviewed and if deemed of general importance or usefulness, incorporated into the main version of the FAQ itself. The contributing user will be credited, of course, so please make sure to include a proper name/nick.

To do / ideas

Section obsoleted because all but one task complete and the current system _might_ be better. We will see what the group response is.

Near term

  • Complete clean up and re-org
  • A link to the FAQ as a single text file (with and without notes?)
  • Give the site some design
  • User ranking of notes (democratic way of evolving the FAQ?)

Long term

  • Convert it all to xml/docbook