unofficial abma/aba faq
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1. Preface
2. Introduction
3. Newsgroups
4. Encoding
     a. uu
     b. mime
     c. yEnc
5. Archives
     a. .rar/.r##/.part##.rar
     b. RAR recovery
     c. .ace/.c##
     d. .###
     e. .zip
6. Support Files
     a. .sfv
     b. .par/.p##
     c. .rev
     d. .idx/.sub/.ifo
     e. .smi/.ssa/.srt
     f. .nfo/.txt/.md5
7. Newsreaders
8. Posting
     a. Bad Requests
9. Auto-Posters
10. Hentai
11. Formats/codecs
     a. avi/ogm
     b. mpeg4
     c. mpg
     d. rm
     e. audio
     f. linux
12. News servers
13. Software
14. Appendices
     a. About the FAQ
     b. Mirroring the FAQ

The new home of the FAQ is http://animeusenet.org/wiki/.

This site exists only for historical/archival purposes.

3. What are alt.binaries.anime and alt.binaries.multimedia.anime?

The AB(M)A Newsgroups [Original, Keikai]

According to the charter of ABMA (alt.binaries.multimedia.anime) at ftp.isc.org/pub/usenet/control/alt/alt.binaries.multimedia.anime.Z:

This group is for posting any multimedia file (any format) that is anime related. The file may be a commercial, trailer, music video, opening movie, ending movie, special, or entire episode or movie of anything specifically anime related, including free fansubs which are widely unavailable to most people (check legal issues in your area, it is beyond the scope of this proposal to cover the vastness of fansubs.)

ABA (alt.binaries.anime) was originally a rogue group but does now have a charter at ftp.isc.org/pub/usenet/control/alt/alt.binaries.anime.Z. While it originally was created for posting of both anime and manga binaries, manga is now no longer appropriate and should now be posted to a group devoted to it, such as alt.binaries.pictures.manga. Currently, ABA follows the same rules and netiquette as ABMA.

Two related newsgroups are ABMR (alt.binaries.multimedia.repost) and ABMAR (alt.binaries.multimedia.anime.repost). They are intended for reposting of multimedia files from any other multimedia newsgroups (for ABMR) or from AB(M)A (for ABMAR). If a potential post meets the charter requirements for ABMAR, it should be posted there. This prevents AB(M)A from becoming overloaded since new material alone requires a great deal of bandwidth.

You can find a lot of information on various anime and their number of episodes at: [Onakra]

Also useful sites:

A list of useful links maintained by AB(M)A regulars is available on the abma.x-maru.org bulletin board at:

User Contributed Notes

2003-03-11 04:24pm
AnimeNfo has really come into its own as a site for checking an anime's number of episodes, subber, etc.: http://www.animenfo.com
2003-11-02 07:31am
The URLs for the ABA and ABMA group charters do not seem to work. Instead, they appear to be located at: