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Newbie Advice Guidelines

0. Preface

0. Preface
1. Please do not post hentai in aba/abma/abmar
2. When posting with PP2K, always put the "$F" at the end of the subject line
3. When posting binaries with Agent, make sure each file attachment is in its own message
4. Don't post unRARed binaries
5. Turn on *Recover* when RARing posts
6. Put the ep # before the part count in your binary post's Subject Line
7. When posting a movie or an SVCD (or similar large binary), make it a multi-day post
8. Please refrain from putting requests in the subject line of binary posts
9. Post binary tests to alt.binaries.test, not aba/abma
10. Please refrain from HIWIH posts
11. Before making a request for a fill read any '00' or nfo attached to the post
12. Combine requests for part fills for a given episode into one message
13. Before posting a new episode check to make sure someone didn't just post it
14. Don't nym-shift
15. Indicate if your post is a Sub, Dub or Raw
16. Use AnimeUsenet to check when/if something has been posted
17. Post Dragonball(Z) and Sailormoon in their own groups, not in aba/abma
18. When posting parts split with HJSplit, be sure to include a checksum for the video file
19. Please put the video codec in the subject line
20. Do not include things like your post's 'nfo' or 'sfv' in your PAR set
21. Do not archive your post as a self-extracting executable
22. If applicable, please include the subber's name on posts/reposts
23. Limit the length of the Subject Line of your binary post
24. Post your PARs after the RARs for max benefit
25. Don't archive multiple episodes into one rar set
26. Don't Flood (...the most basic *nag* of them all...)
27. NAG suggestions

The Nags have been adapted from several boilerplate messages used over the last several years to help aba/abma binary posters be aware of various behaviors that may not necessarily be in the best interest of the groups as a whole. As such, the nags are aimed primarily toward newbies -- note the acronym and are directed toward very specific and constantly reoccurring posting problems. All general questions should be referred to the FAQ or either the Web based or Usenet based discussion groups.

All Nags are not created equal. Some, like No floods or No hentai, relate to maintaining the very viability of the groups; others, like Test in a.b.test or Ep # before part count, are just to reduce the general annoyance factor for everyone. But most are concerned with that vast middle-ground of just keeping the groups running efficiently and reducing the strain on our always-limited bandwidth.

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If you have additional information you would like to share that corrects, clarifies, or expands on the information above, please submit it here. This is not the proper place to ask technical support questions you may have. Please see the discussion forum if you are seeking help.
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