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Newbie Advice Guidelines

15. Indicate if your post is a Sub, Dub or Raw

To give people information that they can use when evaluating if they want to grab your post, please indicate if it is a Sub, Dub or Raw (Japanese language with no subtitles). And as the vast majority of posts here are either Japanese language with English subtitles or dubbed into English, any other variences from those two catagories should probably also be noted.

Here are a couple of samples with other varying details:

Schindler is Listing ep 21 [dub (Bulgarian), vivo] - yenc - SiL-21.part....


SiL tv 21 [sub, divx3] - yenc - Schindler is Listing And About to Topple 21[].part....

If your post is a Raw, consider putting it in alt.binaries.multimedia.anime.raws or alt.binaries.multimedia.japanese instead of aba/abma/abmar.

User Contributed Notes

Notes are sometimes superceded as they are incorporated into the general FAQ and are not displayed by default. You can see superceded notes here

Taiyaki Daisuki
2003-11-30 11:42pm
Raw anime should not be posted to abm.japanese or abmjr. It should be kept in abma.raws. (Personally, though, I have no problem with raw reposts going to either ambar group.)

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