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Newbie Advice Guidelines

18. When posting parts split with HJSplit, be sure to include a checksum for the video file

HJSplit appears to be a tool that may become fairly popular in situations where RARing your post is not an option, but be aware that it currently has no internal error protection against bit damage incurred during Usenet transport. Thus, you might download something that has been damaged and will be able join it, even play it, without anything complaining.

Thus, besides posting a PAR set with your HJSplit processed post, also include a CRC check on the episode itself to further insure the integrity of the final *product*. The easiest route is to generate an SFV for the video file and post it, or copy the CRC that HJSplit can generate into the file name, the post's Subject Line, a '00' file or an 'nfo' file. Granted, while the downloader can do a check on the unjoined parts just by running their PAR utility, it is more then likely that if they apparently have all the parts then HJSplit joins them without a problem and it actually plays, they won't bother. Also an SFV check on the file itself (my preferred solution) further protects you against HJSplit itself generating an error.

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