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Newbie Advice Guidelines

4. Don't post unRARed binaries

Please do not post un-rared posts into aba/abma. This isn't a good thing for multiple reasons: If the post has missing segments, it is just a huge waste of bandwidth as fills can not be posted and, to get a complete post, the whole thing must be redone. In the (rare) case where you may know how and do repost individual message segments with, say, some version of PowerPost 2000, other people still can't do fills, nor are you likely to be able to so successfully for more then a day or two. With rared parts, someone else can do fills easily at a much later date.

Also, you would be forgoing the CRC checking inherent in RAR (though using yEnc transport or posting an SFV may mitigate this -- see the faq), and may be propagating bit-damaged episodes -- a news-reader will not necessarily protest joining segments that have been damaged in transit.

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