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Newbie Advice Guidelines

5. Turn on *Recover* when RARing posts

Turning on Recover when creating a RAR'd set would seem to be an obvious move, as it can save yourself and others a lot of grief, negating some of the need to do fills and even full reposts.

PARs and RAR Repair should both be used on all posts: one is not really a replacement for the other. The benefits (for a default 1% size increase in your part sizes) of using Recovery record are that you can repair CRC errors and bit addition/subtraction in RAR Parts without having to download additional PARs. This is particularly valuable if the PARs themselves have been damaged. Thus, in a heavily fracture post in which not enough good PARs are available to get completion, you may be able to Repair enough Parts to enable the remaining PARs to do their job.

Also, to reduce the time it takes you to RAR your post, consider using Store as your compression method, especially if the files are encoded with divx3.

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2004-03-29 08:38am
I would say that you should _always_ use Store (-m0) as your compression method, regardless of codec. Compressed files tend not to compress very well, and it will take your downloaders MUCH longer to decode the file.

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