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Newbie Advice Guidelines

8. Please refrain from putting requests in the subject line of binary posts

This one always raises some hackles, unfortunately....

Please refrain from putting requests in the subject line of binary posts. Granted this style is SOP for warez, but things like "Here is Foobar ep 11, please post Gringle ep 23" are just not that great for the health of the group. And, yes, there is a little logic behind this, besides keeping things a bit more organized -- many here use filters when grabbing binaries or checking text. Thus, your post may be inadvertently downloaded by someone who is d/l'd capped (looking for Gringle, they got that hated Foobar, not making them too happy). Or, the reverse, someone may be filtering out all messages with *Gringle*, thus causing them to miss the post of Foobar that they have been waiting for.

Further, this practice makes it _much_ harder for the good folks at AnimeUsenet to do their (volunteer) job, causing errors in what title gets parsed out as the actual post to be entered in the database. And, on a personal note, when I'm running a filter on Easynews web server looking for that episode of Foobar that I missed last month, I'm growing to hate mucking through the endless Foobar requests that people put in their non-Foobar related posts.

Further complaints arise from the fact that it tends to look like always obnoxious v-spam, especially when you lead off with your request. Also, and rather obviously, the practice tends to make for over-long Subject Lines -- something to be routinely avoided.

Where to put your request? How about in the '00' file of your post or in the header of a text reply to your own post. And there is nothing wrong with making a separate standard text request of course.

There is a gray area when considering requests for other episodes of the same series as the episode being posted. It is still not probably a great idea to request this way, but at least some of the objections no longer apply.

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