This site unofficially supports the alt.binaries.anime and alt.binaries.multimedia.anime newsgroup community.

If you have any comments about this site, please contact me at xo@x-maru.org. Please keep in mind that for the most part, the content available here is maintained by others, so your question may be more appropriately directed to the respective maintainers.

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Moved - 2008-01-13

Moved the server. Things are broken. No one cares.

Image board - 2004-09-01

I was bored, so I wrote up some image board software. Check it out. and post something.

Free shoutbox! - 2004-03-16

I was bored, so I wrote up a shoutbox service. Check it out an use it on your site!

Site Update - 2002-06-01

I was bored, so I spent the day spiffing up this page. I'm not very happy with it and will probably get sick of this design soon. Thanks to Gorunova for the site name idea.

New FAQ/guides - 2002-05-01

The alt.binaries.anime.vcd FAQ (courtesy Neuralblastoma) and a Beginner's Guide to the Anime Newsgroups (courtesty Grauw) are now available here.

Bulletin Boards Up - 2002-02-17

Bulletin boards/forums for various topics related to the newsgroups and anime are now available.

New Home for Posting DB - 2002-11-04

The posting history database has a new home at animeusenet.org. This change represents a merging of the previous efforts of myself, Gorunova (who'd been maintaining the data formerly hosted here), and Matt, the animeusenet.org site operator, who'd also been maintaining a database in parallel. I think the new site is much nicer and more comprehensive- please take a look!

abma/aba community


The abma bulletin boards house discussions on topics relevant to newsgroup activity.


The Unofficial FAQ for the newsgroups.


The IRC Miniguide is a brief introduction to using IRC, geared at users of newsgroups. Like the abmafaq, it is user-annotatable. Maintained by Onakra


The alt.binaries.anime.vcd FAQ, derived from the abmafaq, contains content specific to abav. Maintained by Neuralblastoma


The Beginner's Guide to the Anime Newsgroups provides a friendly, condensed guide to getting started with the anime newsgroups. Maintained by Grauw

Newbie Advice Guidelines

The NAGs are guidelines and suggestion to posters and newsgroup followers intended to to raise the awareness of behaviors that may not be in the common interest.

ABMA Image Board

This is an image board for people to share and discuss images related (and not so related) to other aspects of this site.


  • animeusenet.org is another support site for the newsgroups. It hosts the searchable postings database, user submitted synopses, and more.
  • The unofficial alt.binaries.sounds.anime support site hosts the absa FAQ, a searchable posting history, and discussion boards.
  • Shout-Maru has nothing to do with anime, but is a free shoutbox service you can use on your site with the addition of a line or two of HTML.