unofficial abma/aba faq
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1. Preface
2. Introduction
3. Newsgroups
4. Encoding
     a. uu
     b. mime
     c. yEnc
5. Archives
     a. .rar/.r##/.part##.rar
     b. RAR recovery
     c. .ace/.c##
     d. .###
     e. .zip
6. Support Files
     a. .sfv
     b. .par/.p##
     c. .rev
     d. .idx/.sub/.ifo
     e. .smi/.ssa/.srt
     f. .nfo/.txt/.md5
7. Newsreaders
8. Posting
     a. Bad Requests
9. Auto-Posters
10. Hentai
11. Formats/codecs
     a. avi/ogm
     b. mpeg4
     c. mpg
     d. rm
     e. audio
     f. linux
12. News servers
13. Software
14. Appendices
     a. About the FAQ
     b. Mirroring the FAQ

The new home of the FAQ is http://animeusenet.org/wiki/.

This site exists only for historical/archival purposes.

2. What is this FAQ?

The AB(M)A FAQ [SWong, Keikai]

Welcome to the AB(M)A community!

Before asking questions in the group, make sure to read this FAQ and search the abma.d web forums at http://abma.x-maru.org/bb/. The AB(M)A community is full of very nice and helpful people. Asking questions for which the information can easily be found in these resources, however, is generally considered poor netiquette and can easily be avoided.

The content of this FAQ is a compilation of original articles, posts, and user submissions. Those sections that discuss rules and guidelines represent, as closely as possible, a concensus amongst the "regulars". Where no concensus can be found, the FAQ tries to relate the various points of view. This FAQ is not based upon the personal opinions of its individual maintainers.

A Mini-FAQ is posted by Netgear on a regular basis with enough information to get most newbies started. This big FAQ has not just technical info on how to use newsgroup for downloading, but also have notes on netiquette and hopefully helpful information on various things that crops up on the newsgroups every now and then.

User Contributed Notes

big boss
2004-08-01 02:56pm
give an example hot to downloud anime from mirc
big boss
2004-08-01 02:57pm
give an example hot to downloud anime from mirc